General Meetings

Meetings are held the 3rd Sunday of the month at 3:00
Virginia Wesleyan University
Hofheimer Arts Building

No meeting in June.

Special July 1st picnic meeting
We’ve got a great activity lined up for the CDA picnic again this year at Lesley Hildreth's house

Phyllis Canupp has volunteered to lead an aluminum foil saggar firing with ferric chloride…you just need to bring two bisqued pieces (up to 6”x8”). All the rest of the supplies and equipment will be provided by CDA. Don’t wait until the last minute…start throwing/building a couple of pots soon because July 1st will be here before you know it.

Here’s the process we’ll be using:
Foil Sagger Firing Technique – using Ferric Chloride (also known as PCB Etching Solution)
Raku or saggar clay are best to use due to the thermal shock properties, though white stoneware or porcelain can work. If you apply one or more coats of white terra sigillata to your greenware pots and burnish them after each coat before you bisque fire your pieces, it will give them a nice sheen. However, the terra sigillata is not a requirement, though it will yield the best results. Second best results will come from burnishing your white clay body without terra sigillata. Either way, please bring ONLY pots that have been bisque fired to cone 04/06 (or lower) range.

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se-'ram-ik di-'zi'ners e-'so's(h)e-'a-shen; a collective group of clay artists: CDA

Founded in 1967, CDA is a group of ceramic artists and potters dedicated to clay.

Interested in ceramics and sculpture, a group of local artists and some students of the former Museum Art School in Norfolk, VA

formed CDA to organize exhibitions, sales of their work and to stimulate growth and interest of pottery in the local community.

This diverse group of artists, from emerging potters to professionals,

create works of art from the basic elements of earth and water.

Their support and participation in local art shows, charitable events, and workshops

contribute to the cultural life of the Hampton Roads Area.